20ml Lash Primer For Eyelash Extensions Power Retention

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Features Of QUEWEL Lash Primer For Eyelash Extensions

Color: Eyelash Primer Clear

Volume: 20ml lash extension primer

Storage And Using Condition

Apply an appropriate amount of lash primer for eyelash extensions to natural eyelashes using a cotton swab.

Store the lash primer for extensions in an upright position.

Store the primer lash extensions in a cool and dark place with low humidity.


This eyelash primer is designed for eyelash extension experts only. Do not self-apply or use it with cluster or strip lashes.

Please make sure to keep your eyes closed tightly throughout the entire application process. 

Do not use the eyelash extension primer for self-application!

Primer lash extensions may cause eye irritation or burns. For professional use only! 

If your eyes feel uncomfortable, please rinse immediately with water for at least 15-20 minutes.

If you still feel unwell, please go to the hospital for professional help immediately.

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