Long Lasting Short Stem Pre-made Volume Fans 6D | Quewel®

Curl: C
Thickness: 0.07 mm
Length: 10 mm
Sale price$9.99

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For your clients:

­čĹŹWho have busy schedules and do not have enough time to spend 2-3 hours on eyelash extensions.

­čĹŹWho with a bad back or other medical conditions,cannot lie down for a long time.

­čĹŹWho wants a dramatic fluffy look but no one nearby can provide hand-made volume eyelash extensions,┬á

such as those who live in remote areas where have a few lash tech nearby but they only offer classic lash extension. 

In this case,using premade lash extensions fans can better help serve those customers who come from far away and save their time.

For lash artists:

­čĹŹ Who are not trained in easy fan volume lashes yet but want to offer volume lash extensions to clients.

­čĹŹ Who is trained in volume but take a too long time to make fans.

­čĹŹ Who wants to have perfect symmetrical fans and clean results.

­čĹŹ Who wants to cut down on lashing time.

­čĹŹ Who wants to attract more clients and increase their income.

­čĹŹ Who wants to create different lash looks from hybrid to mega volume.

­čĹŹ Who want to offer more diversified services, Develop your own business more comprehensively.

If youÔÇÖre still a beginner only trained in classic lashes, adding volume lashes to your list would be a perfect choice.┬á

The way using premade lash fans applied on natural lashes are quite similar to apply classic ones; 

as the fans are already ready-to-use, their bases are tightly bonded.

Please note that you still need some practice on how to pick them up and apply etc. 

Using premade volume fans that are already fanned is just like a lifesaver for struggling technicians.

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