Quewel 0.5-1.5s Strong Colored Eyelash Glue For Lash Extensions

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Ideal for colored lash extensions!

Volume:5 ML

Drying Time (Seconds): 0.5-1.5S

Retention (Weeks): 6-7 Weeks

Fume: Very Low

Viscosity: Low

Flexibility: High

Color: clear eyelash glue, pink waterproof eyelash glue, blue lash extension glue

Whether Medical Grade: Yes

Ideal Temperature: 65-80F (18-27°C)

Ideal Humidity: 50-70%

Unopened Shelf Life: 12 months

Opened Shelf Life: 2 months


Do not use the sensitive eyelash extension glue for self-application!

For professional lash tech use only! 

If your eyes feel uncomfortable, please rinse immediately with water for at least 15-20 minutes! 

If you still feel unwell, please go to the hospital for professional help immediately!


1. Shake the lash glue bottle or use a glue shaker well before use for about 30 seconds.

2. Clients must keep their eyes closed throughout the entire lash extension application process.

3. The lash adhesive should never have contact with the client's skin and eyes.

4. The eyelash extension glue is best stored in a cool place.

5. It is not recommended to use with Cluster or Strip eyelashes.

6. The lash extension glue lid may be slightly flawed due to the high manufacturing process.

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