QUEWEL Lash Applicator Tool Tweezers For Eyelash Clusters(2 Pcs)

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These eyelash tweezers for false lashes are designed for lash clusters, individual lashes, wide stem cluster lashes, lashes strips, and other false eyelashes.


Quantity: 2 different styles of eyelash applicators for diy eyelash clusters

Lash applicator kit Color: Gold

Eye Lash Tweezer Applicator PU Package Color: Black

Easy to Use:

Lash clusters tweezers with precision-crafted tips perfectly aligned arms, good grip, and easy to pick up DIY individual lashes.

These curved eyelashes clusters tweezers for false eyelashes with the appearance of smooth and are very lightweight, which can reduce hand fatigue, and bring a comfortable experience.

Ideal Gift:

The perfect package can also be given as a gift to friends or family.

Warming Tips: 

1. There is a button on the DIY eyelash applicator tool pu package that can be opened with a gentle pull.

2. Please clean the lash applicator tools after each use to ensure there is no glue residue on the lash cluster tweezers applicator to keep the eyelashes tweezer set for long-term use.

3. Please keep out of reach of children.

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