QUEWEL Lash Bond And Seal Cluster Glue For DIY Eyelash Extensions

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Color: Black
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QUEWEL Lash Bond And Seal For Cluster Lashes, Waterproof Eyelash Glue For False Eyelashes, Wispy Lashes

Volume: 8ml

Color: Black Lash Glue For False Lashes & Clear Lash Seal

Features:Lash bond and seal, combine eyelashes glue and lash sealant together in one tube instead of two, make applying eyelash clusters easier and help you save storage space.Waterproof lash glue strong hold & long-lasting, lock fake lashes in place, don't have to worry about lashes falling off anymore, bloom with confidence all the time.Easy to apply without clumpy & easy to romove without residue, new beginners can easily control.Mild lash bond and seal are available for multiple types of lashes: latex-free lash glue can be used on individual lash extensions, and wispy eyelashes.

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