First of all, I would like to warmly welcome and congratulate you for taking the first step to becoming an eyelash artist... researching! The eyelash extension business is one of the best ways to earn a good income, be creative and become your own boss. There are many steps to start a successful eyelash extension business. In this article, I shared 3 things you should know before starting your own eyelash business.

  1. Marketing

The number one question is how to get clients when you start your lash extension business. Before you jump in it, not just the lashing side of it but like the marketing side of it. You'd better prepared yourself or better educated yourself so that you could have actually gotten some clients when you started. There are many ways to drive clients to you to get yourself out there.

The number one tip is definitely social media, create an Instagram and a Facebook page. Once you create your social media it's a step in the right direction.

My second tip is to get people to those social media by creating giveaways this could be in so many different forms. You can collab with somebody to do a giveaway. Together you're gonna have rules and your rules are gonna be anything along the lines of comment share follow anything like that. Once you start getting engagement on your page Instagram will push your page so you definitely need to make sure that there's engagement.

Number three tip is definitely to use social media do not wait for people to come to you. You need to follow people that probably your potential clients. Getting your name in front of them because then the more they see it the more they're interested.

  1. Practice

You got certified, and spending like 1400 on it. But there is still a long way to become a skillful and talented lash artist.

You have to practice actually get good at it and that's the reality of it.  Get into a full deep practicing mode. Put your phone away and take an hour a day for like a week. Get yourself fully practicing, no TV, no music, no nothing just literally dive in lash after lash. You will get better and faster with time — and only time. As you get up to speed, you may get disheartened and second-guess your decision to become a lash artist. Trust us — no one is born a great last artist. Even the best ones had to practice a lot. Do not give up. Keep practicing and practicing.

  1. Choose suitable products

Then go to the last part, lash tech must choose suitable products. We all want to work with the best eyelash extension supplies right? How are we going to be the best lash artist or lash tech if we have not-so-great eyelash extension supplies? We can’t! I wanted to simplify it for our beginners out there and give you a list of the main items you NEED in your life right at the beginning of your journey.

  1. Ring light
  2. Lash bed
  3. Different types of eyelash extensions

When starting out, either start with 3-4 trays of single lengths or start experimenting with mixed trays. Once you get to the point where your buying too many mixed trays, it’s time to start grabbing those single lengths.

  1. Eyelash extension glue

It is impossible to say which adhesive is the best because that is highly subject to the treatment environment, proficiency of the technicians, and preference of individuals. You need to do the most research on this. Getting glue that fits your hand speed, as well as your climate, is crucial. Sometimes, this may take some trial and error to see what works for you.

  1. Remover
  2. Eyepads
  3. Primer/cleanser
  4. Tweezers